Conversations in Social Media

Mortenson Center mapAt the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs,  I created a Facebook group for the far-flung Mortenson Associates to stay in touch.  After just two years, the group has over 500 members from dozens of different countries. I also set up a Google Map of the home countries of Mortenson Associates to give a dynamic visual illustration of the Center’s outreach.

Let's Talk Discussion Group


At Briar Cliff University, I started an informal discussion group with faculty and staff about new technologies and web tools called Let’s Talk.

The discussions started out as brownbag luncheons with a regular following, then moved into an afternoon time slot that became even more popular.  Topics included ebooks, collaboration tools, RSS, MS Outlook, and mobile education, just to name a few.

BCU iPad Pilot blogAfter a few months, the discussion group evolved into a pilot group of early adopters, with funding from the university to trial iPads for educational and professional use.  I coordinated the pilot group, evaluated applications from interested faculty members, and led training sessions.  I also created a group blog using WordPress to give everyone a centralized, searchable communication hub.



Group Work

With Briar Cliff University embracing more online classes, I created a task force of faculty and staff to evaluate several different learning management systems. We developed a timeline and list of criteria, arranged for demos and invited feedback from the campus community. As we get closer to finalizing our selection, I will be developing training materials and sample classes to help faculty transition into the new platform.

As an ALA Emerging Leader in 2009, I worked with a great team on a project for the International Relations Round Table.  We coordinated submissions, edited content, arranged layout, and distributed proofs for the 60th anniversary commemorative booklet to be given out at the IRRT Reception during the ALA Annual Conference.  This meant several long-distance meetings, conference calls, chat sessions, and combing through the same documents repeatedly.

In the summer of 2009 I coordinated a team of volunteers for a Library Flash Mob.  In one afternoon we cataloged and covered over 1,000 books in the storytelling collection of professional storyteller Dan Keding.

Library Flash Mob


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